Equipment Lifecycle Reimagined

Improve efficiency. Reduce costs and liabilities. Increase revenue.

MED specializes in capital equipment asset disposition. Partner with MED to standardize and implement a process for your healthcare system to address many of these common issues associated with excess, retired or underutilized equipment:

  • Missing equipment
  • Theft
  • HIPAA & ePHI exposure
  • Low trade-in offers
  • Wasted space
  • Equipment depreciation
  • Department inefficiency
  • Lost revenue

Capital Equipment Retirement Planning

Does your healthcare system or hospital depend on OEM trade-in value as a supplement to the capital budget? While they are convenient, they often do not represent the fair market value (FMV) of the device or equipment itself. MED helps you negotiate higher trade-ins from manufacturers. Through a proactive approach with our FMV assessment tool, you can validate and increase trade in values or otherwise sell your surplus equipment direct to MED.

Improving efficiency, reducing costs and liabilities as well as increasing revenue Includes:

  • Streamlined process tailored to your facility
  • Added buffer to insure ePHI security & reduced exposure
  • Scheduled cleanouts to reduce clutter
  • Higher trade-in offers towards your bottom line
  • Transparent and comprehensive documentation
  • Secure access to review all asset disposition documentation in the cloud
  • A robust & efficient closure to the equipment life cycle

Provide Greater Value To Your Facility

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