Ziehm Vista C-Arm

Ziehm Vista C-Arm

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Aquiline 971-SWNOM FootSwitch by LineMaster Switch Foot Pedal

New Genoray ZEN-7000 Pain Management C-Arm, 30FPS-All Digital, Top Image Quality

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The Genoray Zen-7000 C-Arm is a high-performance, easy-to-use, reliable, and powerful digital imaging device intended to be used in diagnostics and surgical applications. Designed for convenient utilization, this user-friendly and flexible premium C-Arm delivers high-quality images which makes this imaging device well-suited to be used in pain management clinics and surgery centers.

New Genoray ZEN-7000 C-Arm

Used and so called refurbished GE OEC 9800 and 9900 models do not come close to the value that this new c-arm brings to your surgery center or hospital

Product Details

  • "Windows Based": all-digital system is very easy to use and service quickly
  • 30FPS video recording
  • Two 19 inch flat screen high-res displays
  • Top image quality backed with a money back guarantee
  • Standard 9" image intensifier
  • Fast service with full-support throughout the United States
  • Perfect c-arm for pain management offices


  • Brand New
  • 5-year warranty on parts
  • 1-year warranty on service labor
  • Lifetime, unlimited tech support and software updates


The OEC 9800 is significantly older and was most likely used day-in and day-out. Eventually, similar to an old car, parts will start going. Maintenance on this 10+ year old model becomes random and problematic. This brand new Genoray comes with a 5-year warranty on parts, and will last many more years to come. Digital technology has come along at an incredibly fast pace. This allowed Genoray, the worlds 5th largest c-arm manufacturer, to offer the Zen-7000 with significantly better specifications at a much lower cost. Investing in a new model with today's latest technology has eliminated the need to spend an absorbinant amount of money or sacrifice quality with a used system. Contact MED to see how this rivals GE's new OEC 9900 for any ambulatory surgery center or hospital looking to improve patient safety with high quality imaging at the very best value. Very low rate lease options are available right now!
New, Refurbished, Used & Parts New
Return Period None
Model New C-Arm Pain Management ZEN-7000 Z7 CARM OEC 9800 9900 Refurbished Used Lease Finance
Warranty Period 1 year
Shipping Type Parcel
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