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    "In today's world, finding what you need online should be fast and simple. MED.equipment was designed to make this a reality for buyers of capital equipment in the business of healthcare." 

    Since its inception in 2007, providing healthcare organizations quality service has been the heartbeat of MED. Persistence and consistency have allowed the company to expand and enhance its’ service for buyers. In December 2018, MED launched its advanced e-platform simplifying research and purchasing processes; improving industry standards.

    Medical Equipment Dynamics, Inc. (MED) is an innovative industry leader specializing in the acquisition and liquidation of capital medical assets.

    NO MORE:
    - Waiting for vendors to provide availability, price quotes and warranty info.
    - Researching various vendors to find the model you know you need.
    - Processing an entirely new vendor just for that single transaction.
    - Cancelling cases due to lack of equipment availability.
    - Receiving poor quality equipment.
    - Equipment auction gambling.

    Save Time & Money with:
    * One point of contact
    * Instant pricing and availability
    * A single vendor setup for all your equipment needs

    Our team maintains a passion for bringing on talented, growth minded and moral professionals, leading us towards establishing a global presence atop our industry.
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